DIC certificate and registration for MSME Registration for tenders

DIC Registration & Certificate

DIC registration is for those who are engaged in manufacturing, service provider, Located in India all districts. 

Using this certificate you can avail benefits in subsidies, loans, reimbursement , trademark registration, ISO certifications, government tenders EMD waiver, EPCG registration.

MSME registration, IECode number, ISO 9001, OHSAS, certifications will be provider for all entrepreneurs who are engaged in businesses or doing startups of their businesses.

यहाँ पंजीकरण के तहत आपको सर्कार के तरफ से फायदा मिलता है जैसे लोन्स, सब्सीडीएस, टेंडर्स में सिक्योरिटी डिपाजिट का न देना,.
हम पंजीकरण एवं आयत निर्यात का नंबर के लिए सलाह सूचन करते है.